Flutterwave offers a range of services that make it possible for you to send and receive money across the world in minutes. On this page, we'll go over some of the payment services we offer to give you a quick overview of what is obtainable with Flutterwave.

Payment collection

If you're a business owner, here are a few ways we make it possible for you to collect payments from customers all over the world:

Here's a list of countries where Flutterwave supports mobile money wallet collections

You can also take a look at our Payment Methods for a closer look at all the possible channels through which you can receive payments from your customers using Flutterwave.

Tokenised Payments

This is a feature that allows you to save a customer object on your platform so your users don't have to enter their card information repeatedly.


Preauthorizing a card or an account allows you to place a hold on the amount you would like to charge a customer. For instance, you can preauthorize a card for 7days before taking the money from the customer. Merchants in the Hotel, Shared economy (Uber), and flight booking industry use this to put a customer's payment on hold while they confirm value has been given.


With Flutterwave, you can make transfers to over 6+ African countries. This is a growing list that currently includes the US and Europe. We offer this feature via the dashboard and also via API for financial service providers, merchants, marketplaces, and IMTOs, etc.

Bill payments

With Flutterwave, you can aggregate bill services such as airtime purchases and DSTV subscriptions. You get a commission for each sale and you can view your reports on a dashboard.

Manage Subscriptions

You can make use of our APIs to manage your customer's subscriptions for recurring payments.
Subscriptions allow you to subscribe your customers to a payment plan that will ensure recurring payments happen on their accounts following your predefined specifications.

Collect payments using subaccounts

You can use our APIs to manage marketplace accounts or collect payments on behalf of merchants you create on our platform. This will allow you to perform functions like edit their details, delete them and get a list of the merchants and their IDs.

Other Features

You can find comprehensive documentation of all the amazing features we offer in our Flutterwave features section where we discuss every feature in detail.

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