When integrating a payment gateway, you'll need to test your implementation before going live.

Testing tip

Throughout the docs, you'll come across testing tips like these. We'll use them to highlight some information relevant to testing that feature.

We've got test card and bank account details for you to use when testing. The cards cover a variety of use cases and allow you to simulate both successful and failed transactions with different causes.

These cards and accounts only work in Test Mode


Any OTP passed in test transactions will pass validation. However, you can use these special OTPs to mock specific error scenarios:

  • WRONG OTP: 5548

These special OTPs will only work (simulate failed payments) when the OTP validation is happening directly in our payment modal. If you are redirected to our OTP validation page, you'll need to use one of the test cards designated for failed payments.

Bank accounts

Bank account details to use to make a mock payment.

Bank: Access Bank (044)

Account number: 0690000031

OTP: 12345

Bank: Access Bank (044)

Account number: 0690000032

OTP: 12345

Bank: Access Bank (044)

Account number: 0690000033

OTP: 12345

Bank: Access Bank (044)

Account number: 0690000034

OTP: 12345

Testing tip

If you need more Access Bank test account numbers, you can keep incrementing the last digit of the test account numbers above to get new test account numbers, right up to 0690000041.

Mobile money

To make a fake mobile money payment, you can use any mobile number.


Card details to use to make a mock payment.

Successful payments

Use these cards if you want the payment to succeed.

TypeCard numberCVVPINExpiryOTP
MasterCard PIN authentication5531886652142950564331009/3212345
Mastercard PIN authentication 25399838383838381470331010/3112345
MasterCard 3DS authentication5438898014560229564331010/3112345
Visa Card 3DS authentication4187427415564246828331009/3212345
Visa Card 3DS authentication 24242424242424242812331001/3112345
Visa Card 3DS authentication 34751763236699647--09/35-
Verve Card Noauth5061460410120223210780331012/3112345
Verve Card PIN authentication 25061460166976054667-331010/22-
Address Verification (AVS) Card4556052704172643899331009/3212345

Failed payments

Use these cards if you want the payment to fail.

TypeCard numberCVVPINExpiryOTP
Card Declined (Address Verification)5143010522339965276331008/3212345
Card Fraudulent5590131743294314887331011/3212345
Card Insufficient Funds5258585922666506883331009/3112345
Pre-authorization Test Card5377283645077450789331009/31-
Do Not Honour5143010522339965276331008/31-
Insufficient Funds5258585922666506883331009/3112345
Invalid Transaction5551658157653822276-08/31-
Restricted Card, Retain Card5551651630381384276-08/31-
Function Not Permitted to Cardholder5258582054729020887-11/30-
Function Not Permitted to Terminal5258588264565682887-11/30-
Transaction Error5258589130149016887-11/30-
Incorrect PIN5399834697894723883331009/3112345
Verve Card - Card enrolment5531882884804517564331010/32-

Bill Payments

Here are some credentials to help you test some billers

BillerCredential TypeCredentials
DSTVSmart card number0025401100
EKEDCMeter number1101160434535
DSTV tests

The Biller type for making mock DSTV payments is DSTV Payment