Fx Rates

This document helps you understand the Flutterwave transfer rates when sending money from your Flutterwave wallet to a different currency. This endpoint is particularly for Flutterwave merchants, it is not meant for checking conversation rates


How we calculate rates

According to the parameters above, from USD to NGN returned a rate of 497. What this means is that the value of 1 USD to NGN is NGN 497.

As a result, if you want to make a transfer of $10 to a client, and you want to fund this transfer from your NGN wallet, Flutterwave will debit your NGN wallet (10 * 497) = NGN4,970.

Note that converting from NGN to USD, is not the same as converting from USD to NGN. E.g the value of 1 NGN to USD will return the rate 0.002343 depending on the rates for that day.

To get the actual Naira value of that rate, you do the math 1 / 0.002343 = NGN 426.

USD to NGN = 497
NGN to USD = 426

As at the day of writing this doc.

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