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We have put together comprehensive guidelines and documentation to help you get right into integrating any of our products quickly. You can also get support when you need help!

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Plugins make integrations on Flutterwave a lot faster. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you need help developing a plugin or you've developed a plugin and want it to be listed here. Here are some of the plugins we have at the moment:


  1. Wordpress payment forms: Setup simple donation forms with which users will pay before submitting. It's very useful for church/foundation donations, - Download Flutterwave Payment Forms for WordPress. You can also find a tutorial on how to install the plugin here.

  2. Wordpress Customizable payment forms: Setup a customizable payment form to build a custom flow for your collections on WordPress - Download Flutterwave's customizable WordPress payment forms. You can also see this tutorial that explains how to set up the payment form.

  3. Easy digital downloads: Setup payments using Flutterwave with your easy digital downloads store - Download Rave edd plugin to make your Flutterwave integration faster.

  4. Paid Membership Pro: You can set up payments using Flutterwave with your Paid Membership pro installation when you Download Rave PMP plugin


WooCommerce: WooCommerce is an eCommerce store plugin for selling both digital and physical products - Download Rave WooCommerce Plugin.
See a tutorial on installing the plugin here



Note that the plugins listed above are still running on the v2 APIs. V3 Plugins are in the works and will be updated here when ready

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