The Rave By Flutterwave Developer Documentation

We have put together comprehensive guidelines and documentation to help you get right into integrating any of our products quickly. You can also get support when you need help!

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  1. Login to your Joomla admin page and click on plugins
  1. Click on install extensions under extensions
  1. Scroll down to the drag and drop window then click on browse for file
  1. Upload the .zip file you downloaded earlier for the joomla extention

Note:: Once the .zip file is uploaded it is automatically installed.

  1. Navigate through extensions and click on modules and click on Rave Payment Form
  1. Click on Rave payment Forms and change the settings ( Activate it) by;
    • Click "yes." to (Use logged in user email)
    • Click "show." for (Show title)
    • Change status to "Published." (Once rave is installed in joomla it is automatically set to unpublished, so you have change it to published by clicking on the arrow and select published from the different options made available)
  1. Click on "Save"
  1. Install a shopping cart of your choice
    e.g. Paycart
  2. Navigate to your shopping cart that you installed in joomla

e.g. Using Paycart click on new

  1. Create your new product and click on save.
  1. Your new product will be created.


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