Getting started

Start collecting payments online with Flutterwave

Whether you are an Individual, NGO, Startup, or Enterprise, learn how to collect payments with Flutterwave today.

1. Set up your Flutterwave account

Go to and provide your business details to create a free account.

2 Integration Quickstart

Here are a few ways you can quickly get started-on to integrate Flutterwave into your projects. Once done you will be able to receive payments from customers all over the world.

Flutterwave Inline

The Flutterwave inline JavaScript method is the easiest way to start accepting payment on your web applications. It offers a secure and convenient flow for users to make payments in seconds. There's more, you can customize this Flutterwave checkout modal to reflect your brand and configure the behavior depending on your needs. Check out our Flutterwave inline section for more information and Integration guides.

Flutterwave standard

Accept payment quickly and securely using our standard method by calling our /payments endpoint. When you call the endpoint we return a response with a payment link, do a redirect to the link and a secure checkout modal will be loaded for your customer to enter their payment details and complete the payment. Check out our Flutterwave standard section for more information and Integration guidelines.

Integrate without code

Create a seamless payment experience for your customers through Payment Links. Flutterwave makes it possible for you to generate payment links through which your customers can pay for your products or services directly on your dashboard without any need for programming or integration.

3 Start with your use case

What do you want to do with Flutterwave? Let's mention some of the things you can do with Flutterwave to help you decide which direction you want to go:

Accept online payments

With Flutterwave, you can collect payments from customers using any of these payment methods:

  • Card,
  • Bank transfer and
  • Mobile money payments from customers across 37 countries around Africa, Europe, and America.

We have a total of 12 supported payment methods, making it possible for anyone to pay you from anywhere in the world.

Collect payments in secondsCollect payments in seconds

Collect payments in seconds

Create Subscriptions and Payment plans

You can manage your customer's recurring payments with our Subscription and Payment plans features. Payment plans allow you to subscribe your customers to a recurring charge that will subsequently initiate charges on their cards based on the configurations you've set.

Send Invoices to customers

Create invoices for services and collect payments in over 150 currencies from your clients and customers all over the world

Send invoices to customers and clientsSend invoices to customers and clients

Send invoices to customers and clients

Issue and manage cards for your customers

Leverage on our virtual cards APIs and issue custom cards to your customers.

Build a Marketplace

With Flutterwave, you can create accounts for sellers and manage escrowed payment using our escrow and sub-accounts APIs.

Explore developer tools

  • We have a wide range of SDKs, Plugins and

  • Peep our API reference and get started on building amazing products with Flutterwave

  • You can also join our online community of developers building products and supporting each other around the clock. Be nice and make friends!

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