Payment methods

Flutterwave supports a wide variety of methods for your customers to pay you, across a wide range of countries. When accepting payments, you can specify what payment methods you're willing to accept from your customers.

There are two ways to specify your accepted payment methods.

Account settings

First, you can enable or disable payment methods globally in your account settings. We've got a guide for that here

This will set what payment methods are available to your customers across Flutterwave Inline, Standard, and HTML checkout.

Per payment

If you prefer to set payment methods per transaction, you can use the payment_options parameter instead. This field takes a (comma + space)-separated list of allowed payment methods.

For payment_options to work, you need to uncheck Enable Dashboard Payment Options on your Account Settings.

Here's how it would look with Flutterwave Inline, Standard and HTML checkout.

    function makePayment() {
            // other fields ...
            payment_options: "card, ussd, mobilemoneyghana",
const response = await"", {
    headers: {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${process.env.FLW_SECRET_KEY}`
    json: {
        // other fields...
        payment_options: "card, ussd, mobilemoneyghana",
<form method="POST" action="">
  <!-- other fields... -->
  <input type="hidden" name="payment_options" value="card, ussd, mobilemoneyghana" />

  <button type="submit">Pay Now</button>

Some payment methods are tied to specific currencies. When showing the customer the payment options you specified, we'll ignore any ones that don't apply to the current currency.

For instance, mpesa is only available for KES, so if you specify payment_options as "card, account, mpesa" when collecting an NGN payment, we'll only show card and account payment options on the modal.

Supported payment methods

Here's a list of currently supported payment methods and the value to use when specifying them in payment_options:

Payment optionvalue
Card paymentcard
Bank account (direct debit)account
Bank transferbanktransfer
Mobile money Ghanamobilemoneyghana
Mobile money Francophone Africamobilemoneyfranco
Mobile money Ugandamobilemoneyuganda
Mobile money Rwandamobilemoneyrwanda
Mobile money Zambiamobilemoneyzambia
Barter paymentbarter
QR paymentqr
Credit paymentcredit