Bill payments

Introduction to Flutterwave's bill payments

Flutterwave allows merchants to re-sell bill payment services such as airtime payments in Nigeria, Ghana, and the US and DSTV payment in Nigeria and Ghana.

Merchants get to make a 3% commission on successful Airtime sales, and a 30 naira flat commission on other bill services.

To get started with our bill payment APIs you would need to follow the prerequisites below.


  1. Sign-up for an account here.

  2. Navigate to the Transfers page on your dashboard and top up your balance using the Top up balance option.

  3. Ensure your available balance is funded before making use of the APIs.


Bill payment


Available Bill Services

  • Airtime Nigeria (All networks)
  • Airtime Ghana (All networks)
  • Airtime US
  • DStv payment Nigeria(also known as DStv box)
  • DStv payment Ghana
  • DStv Boxoffice
  • LCC Lekki & Ikoyi
  • Eko Disco Post & Prepaid
  • Data bundles all network (Nigeria & Uganda)
  • Remita government bill payments.

Request Structure

This is a sample request object to create a bill payment on Flutterwave

   "country": "NG",
   "customer": "+23490803840303",
   "amount": 500,
   "recurrence": "ONCE",
   "type": "AIRTIME",
   "reference": "9300049404444"

Sample Response

This is a sample response

        "status": "success",
        "message": "Bill payment successful",
        "data": {
            "phone_number": "+23490803840303",
            "amount": 500,
            "network": "9MOBILE",
            "flw_ref": "CF-FLYAPI-20200311081921359990",
            "reference": "9300049404444"

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