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Bug with bill payment API

Good day, Please I'd like to report some incidence that occurred after we set our integration with Flutterwave Bill Payment API live. So this is the way we integrate the API, we initiate a transaction (with status = pending) on our backend then make a request to the Create a bill payment endpoint after performing some validation of the user's wallet. If the API responds with a 200, we then update the transaction status to success and debit the user's wallet. If the API responds with anything other than 200, we throw an error and change the status of the transaction to failed, and don't debit the user's wallet. Between the 21st and 23rd of July, there were more than 5 cases where the Create a bill payment endpoint failed due to 500+ errors and as usually our implementation assumed the bill payment didn't go through but upon checking the Flutterwave account, we saw that they were all successful and we were debited. Now to solve this issue, we attempted to use a queue that will check the status of a bill payment attempt at a later time (like 5 minutes later) and use that to confirm whether the bill payment was successful or not but on checking the Get status of a bill payment endpoint, it requires using tx_ref of a bill transaction but our backend cannot have access to that reference if the initial Create a bill payment endpoint doesn't return a 200. This issue could cause serious financial losses to the company. Please how do we go about solving the issue? Our merchant ID is 00763187

Posted by Emmanuel Awotunde 4 days ago


404 on redirect from VBVSecure code entry

Hello, when redirecting back from the VBVSecure code entry page to my redirect url, I'm getting a 404 (page not found) code. See below the full url that's being attempted to redirect back to from the VBVSecure code entry. I verified that url path up the ? is valid. It seems that all the stuff that's being tacked onto the querystring is messing things up. Maybe a url encoding issue? http://localhost:44007/Agents/bookings/CCPayment/charge_response.aspx?response=%7B%22id%22%3A2374148%2C%22txRef%22%3A%22DLOVTG-20210728-162234%22%2C%22orderRef%22%3A%22URF_1627514562728_7506435%22%2C%22flwRef%22%3A%22FLW-MOCK-d6dffeec8c0628612ed4b508685eeadb%22%2C%22redirectUrl%22%3A%22http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A44007%2FAgents%2Fbookings%2FCCPayment%2Fcharge_response.aspx%22%2C%22device_fingerprint%22%3A%22N%2FA%22%2C%22settlement_token%22%3Anull%2C%22cycle%22%3A%22one-time%22%2C%22amount%22%3A1015%2C%22charged_amount%22%3A1015%2C%22appfee%22%3A14.21%2C%22merchantfee%22%3A0%2C%22merchantbearsfee%22%3A1%2C%22chargeResponseCode%22%3A%2200%22%2C%22raveRef%22%3A%22RV31627514562728D571A91B87%22%2C%22chargeResponseMessage%22%3A%22Please+enter+the+OTP+sent+to+your+mobile+number+080******+and+email+te**%40rave**.com%22%2C%22authModelUsed%22%3A%22VBVSECURECODE%22%2C%22currency%22%3A%22NGN%22%2C%22IP%22%3A%2252.209.154.143%

Posted by Gary 6 days ago


V3 API: "Error occured while attemptig to decrypt payload" error

Hello, I'm getting this error in the response: "An error occurred while attempting to decrypt payload. Please ensure the encryption key used was generated using the passed secret key". My keys: Secret key FLXXXXXXXXX Encryption key FLW xxxxxxxxxx Below the json I'm posting to { "public_key": "FLWPcvvvvvghdć", "client": "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" } The encrypted payload: { "public_key": "FLWPUBK_TEST-48e48e4c77f2dd972e9f1147b88ec7c7-X", "amount": "1015", "currency": "NGN", "country": "NG", "phone_number": "", "client_ip": "", "tx_ref": "HZPFNT-20210727-110432", "redirect_url": "", "fullname": "tst tester", "email": "[email protected]", "card_number": "5531886652142950", "cvv": "564", "type": "card", "expiry_year": "2031", "expiry_month": "09", "authorization": { "mode": "avs_noauth", "pin": "" } } Please assist, thank you.

Posted by Gary Davis 8 days ago