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Laravel Rave - Not receiving a webhook notification

I'm following the tutorial [here]( on how to set up webhooks and I'm doing everything as told. Firstly I'm running a transfer as follows: ``` public function initiateTransfer() { $reference = Flutterwave::generateReference(); $data = [ "account_bank"=> "GH280100", "account_number"=> "0031625807099", "amount"=> 1, "narration"=> "Test GHS bank transfers", "currency"=> "GHS", "reference"=> "new-GHS-test-transfer1", "callback_url"=> '', "destination_branch_code"=> "GH280103", "beneficiary_name"=> "Kwame Adew", 'reference' => $reference ]; $transfer = Flutterwave::transfers()->initiate($data); } ``` If, I do it like this the transfer goes through and if I go to my webhook url I can see the results like this: ``` { "event": "transfer.completed", "event.type": "Transfer", "data": { "id": 7794215, "account_number": "0031625807099", "bank_name": "ACCESS BANK GH LTD", "bank_code": "GH280100", "fullname": "Kwame adew", "created_at": "2021-03-28T13:38:07.000Z", "currency": "GHS", "debit_currency": null, "amount": 1, "fee": 5, "status": "FAILED", "reference": "flw_1616938685606086bda66e4", "meta": null, "narration": "Test GHS bank transfers", "approver": null, "complete_message": "DISBURSE FAILED: Insufficient funds in customer wallet", "requires_approval": 0, "is_approved": 1 } } ``` but if I change the callback url from ``` "callback_url"=> '', ``` to ``` "callback_url"=> '', ``` which is a reference to `routes\web.php` ``` Route::post('/webhook/flutterwave', 'Payments\[email protected]')->name('webhook'); ``` and is defined in the controller ``` public function webhook(Request $request) { $verified = Flutterwave::verifyWebhook(); if ($verified && $request->event == 'charge.completed' && $request->data->status == 'successful') { $verificationData = Flutterwave::verifyPayment($request->data['id']); if ($verificationData['status'] === 'success') { } } if ($verified && $request->event == 'transfer.completed') { $transfer = Flutterwave::transfers()->fetch($request->data['id']); if ($transfer['data']['status'] === 'SUCCESSFUL') { // update transfer status to successful in your db } elseif ($transfer['data']['status'] === 'FAILED') { // update transfer status to failed in your db // revert customer balance back } elseif ($transfer['data']['status'] === 'PENDING') { // update transfer status to pending in your db } } ``` I get no response. I have input my webhook url in the dashboard and also defined the secret hash in the dashboard and my `.env` file. What should I do to receive what is sent back to the webhook?

Posted by Timothy Githinji 15 days ago