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Implementing flutter in laravel

Hi, I'm trying to implement this "" api in laravel. what i want is to send some data to this api and get a url in response so I can send that url back to the ajax request on client side. client side opens that url in a new tab and pays whatever amount was set in controller now how can i implement that. This is my code so far. ``` $amount = some amount; $referenceno = some ref number; $currency = "NGN"; $redirect_url = some url; $authorization = 'Bearer'." ".$this->fsk; $data = [ 'amount' => $amount, 'email' => email, 'metadata' => json_encode($array = [ 'contest_id'=>contest_id , 'contestent_id'=>contestant_id, 'no_of_votes'=>no_of_votes ]), 'reference' => $referenceno, ]; $client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $url = ""; $request = $client->post($url, [ 'headers' => [ 'Content-Type' => 'application/json', 'Authorization' => $authorization, ], 'form_params' => [ 'public_key'=>$this->fpk, "tx_ref"=>$referenceno, "amount"=>$amount, "currency"=>$currency, "redirect_url"=>$redirect_url, 'customer'=>[ 'email' => email, 'phone_number'=>some number, 'name'=>'voter', ], "meta"=>$data, 'customizations' =>[ 'title' => title, 'description' => 'Pay to vote', ] ] ]); $response = $request->send(); dd($response); ``` this returns me the error ``` Server error: `POST` resulted in a `500 Internal Server Error` response:↵{"error_id":"ERRNO738287451T1607106126413","message":"Application error. Please contact support","code":"app_error"}↵" ``` which is not very helpful so if someone can guide me. also i dont want to send payment method so customer can just chose one from payment page.

Posted by Tallal Jamshed 6 months ago