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Information about the different api versions

Hi! I'm setting up flutterwave for webapp i'm currently working on. On, it's can be seen there are two different versions of the api: v2 and v3. I began development with version v2 api with the official nodejs package(, everything works fine. I never paid attention to v3 until when i saw that Cornelius was working on the official package for v3. I decided to try it, it's was great until i was met with this "Merchant is not enabled for Rave v3" error message when i was testing out payment in my localhost using my production keys to see how it'll work. Then i decided to visit this developer forum and came across this post( where i found out that PCI DSS compliance certificates were needed in order to use v3 in production. I gave uninstalled the package and gave up on it. One difference i saw when going through the source code of the two packages was that when using the package for v2, requests when directly sent to a flutterwave backend on aws, whereas when using package for v3, we are interacting directly with flutterwave's v3 api. Today, i was browsing the forum again after so long and came across this where Cornelius replied to the initial question. In his reply, he also made mention of "We would recommend that you migrate to v3 as v2 APIs will be depreciated soon." So my questions are: - What is the difference between the between the two versions? - Which one are we advised to use without any hassle? - Since according to Cornelius comment and v3 requires PCI DSS compliance certificates for production usage, what will happen to previously v2 users when they migrate to v3 after v2 gets deprecated ? Thank you and sorry for the long post.

Posted by Stephane 6 months ago