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"message":"Tx Fetched",

I am getting the above error message when one of the card item is wrong. How do I solve this problem. Here is the full json data {"status":"success", "message":"Tx Fetched", "data":{ "id":300227610, "txRef":"OmwTfbyHnlmJ3r4", "orderRef":"URF_1598159647129_6300135", "flwRef":"oshabz/FLW304499894", "redirectUrl":"", "device_fingerprint":"497df12d7a7ded8e","settlement_token":null, "cycle":"one-time","amount":100,"charged_amount":100,"appfee":1.4, "merchantfee":0,"merchantbearsfee":1,"chargeResponseCode":"02", "raveRef":"RV31598159646856EDB2873FC2", "chargeResponseMessage":"Kindly enter the OTP sent to 234810***1285 and un********con. Didn't get the OTP? Dial *322*0# on your phone (MTN, Etisalat, Airtel) Glo, use *805*0#.", "authModelUsed":"PIN", "currency":"NGN", "IP":"::ffff:", "narration":"CARD Transaction ", "status":"failed", "modalauditid":"69e8937f7d8fc263c175c64c62ffcc24", "vbvrespmessage":"No Card Record", "authurl":"N/A", "vbvrespcode":"RR-56", "acctvalrespmsg":null, "acctvalrespcode":null, "paymentType":"card", "paymentPlan":null, "paymentPage":null, "paymentId":"9789053", "fraud_status":"ok", "charge_type":"normal", "is_live":0,"retry_attempt":null, "getpaidBatchId":null, "createdAt":"2020-08-23T05:14:07.000Z", "updatedAt":"2020-08-23T05:14:41.000Z", "deletedAt":null,"customerId":220796513, "AccountId":142019,"":220796513, "":null, "customer.fullName":"Anonymous customer", "customer.customertoken":null, "":"[email protected]", "customer.createdAt":"2020-08-23T05:14:07.000Z", "customer.updatedAt":"2020-08-23T05:14:07.000Z", "customer.deletedAt":null, "customer.AccountId":142019,"meta":[], "flwMeta":{} } }

Posted by Samson 5 months ago


cannot read property 'charge_last_auth' of undefined

This is totally frustrating I have been trying to integrate your api to my app on android but I keep getting this error after I have inserted my pin. Instead of taking me to otp verification page it shows me this error. I have been on this for hours now. Do something about this please. new RaveUiManager(this). setAmount(100). setPublicKey(*********) .setEncryptionKey(************) .setEmail(email) .allowSaveCardFeature(false) .onStagingEnv(false) .acceptCardPayments(true) .initialize(); new RaveUiManager(this). setAmount(100). setPublicKey(*******) .setEncryptionKey(*********) .setEmail(email) .allowSaveCardFeature(false) .onStagingEnv(false) .acceptCardPayments(true) .initialize(); @Override protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { /* * We advise you to do a further verification of transaction's details on your server to be * sure everything checks out before providing service or goods. */ if (requestCode == RaveConstants.RAVE_REQUEST_CODE && data != null) { String message = data.getStringExtra("response"); if (resultCode == RavePayActivity.RESULT_SUCCESS) { Toast.makeText(this, "SUCCESS " + message, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } else if (resultCode == RavePayActivity.RESULT_ERROR) { Toast.makeText(this, "ERROR " + message, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } else if (resultCode == RavePayActivity.RESULT_CANCELLED) { Toast.makeText(this, "CANCELLED " + message, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } } else { super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data); } } I am still same error. How do I solve this problem. Thanks

Posted by Samson 5 months ago