Say hello to our new React & Angular SDKs

We are excited to announce our new React & Angular SDKs built on top of our v3 APIs. With these SDKs, you can quickly integrate Flutterwave into your new or existing React and Angular applications to start collecting payments from your users.

React SDK:

Video guide:

Angular SDK:

Video guide:

We will discontinue technical support on the previous SDK from January 2021. This does not mean that we will be deprecating the old version.

Payment methods available on the SDKS:

  • Card payments
  • Pay with USSD
  • Pay with Bank
  • Pay with Mvisa-QR
  • Pay with Barter
  • Pay with Migo
  • Pay with PayAttitude

In subsequent versions, we will be adding more features like transfers, tokenization, virtual cards, virtual accounts & recurring payments.

Check out the SDKs and let us know what you think about them. You can share your feedback with us by sending an Email to [email protected] or through our Developer Forum.


If you run into any issues while using any of our SDKs, feel free to open an issue on the repositories and our maintainers will be available to attend to it in a timely manner. If you are feeling kind, we also appreciate PR's.